Why Server-side routing?

Go beyond traditional client-side testing that is limited to incremental changes on your pages or that requrie a full page load before redirecting your users.


Server Side Routing

Globally distributed servers to route traffic without performance loss.

Flexible Audience Definition

Define target audiences or let our engine segment automatically.

Optimize at the Source

Determine where to send your visitors before they ever reach your site or landing page.

Traffic Rerouting on Auto-Pilot

Automatically set the right discount or show a checkout flow that is more likely to convert.

Powerful Scheduling

Schedule website roll outs, temporary promotions or other rerouting logic.

Multi-Page Testing

Easily test multiple page layouts, websites or store-fronts against each other.

Technology you can trust

Conteligence runs on a globally distributed farm of highly available servers for maximum performance and reliability.


About Conteligence

Conteligence was born out of the frustration of the limitations that come with traditional client-side testing tools and set out on a mission to solve one of the biggest issues for online marketers in the commerce space. Intelligent server-side routing rules that can quickly iterate through hundreds of variations.



With a background in high availability server infrastructure, big data machine learning and years in eCommerce, we combine best practices from today's leading technologies and online marketing approaches and distill those into a tool set for high volumes commerce conversion testing.

Our Approach

We see testing as an ongoing necessity to every organization with a high visibility web presence. Contelligence was built with that need in mind and thus allows marketers to dynamically create and adapt any number of hypothesis in order to constantly raise the bar when it comes to online optimization.


Conteligence was built to be completely self-service with an easy-to-use interface and simple reporting tools. Nevertheless, we'd be thrilled to discuss your testing needs and provide input on how other clients are using our tool. Simply reach out and schedule a call with one of our conversion rate optimization specialists.

Built for Raw Speed


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